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Cellular Regeneration/Live Cell Therapies (Embryonic Organotherapy)

This is sublingual embryonic animal cell therapy for generalized or targeted rejuvenation. Results can be similar to autologous stem cell therapy at a much lower cost. Oral marine extracts are also available.


Available for the past 70 years in Europe, ovine, bovine, and porcine embryonic cell therapy is now available in the US in the form of sterile embryonic cellular supplements, making it possible, and affordable, to receive the incredible benefits of embryonic organ products without traveling to expensive European clinics. The principal of "Similia Similibus" or "like cures like" is the rationale for the mechanism of action of live cell therapy. First put forth by the Swiss physician Paracelsus, it means that the preferred method to revitalize diseased and aging organs is to use healthy young cells of the same tissue type. Swiss and other European physicians studied and developed the principles of live cell therapy from the 1930's to 1950's. Professor Paul Niehans is considered the "Father of Live Cell Therapy". A refined version of his sheep- derived live cell therapy is still administered at the legendary Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland.

Currently available embryonic organ supplementation (EOS) uses similar principals as those used in traditional live cell therapy. However, EOS starts with the selection of specific organ tissue from organically produced porcine, bovine, or ovine embryos or placenta and through proprietary technology, processes them into a simplified bio-available form as a nutritional supplement. Since embryonic organotherapies today are ultrafiltrates, they provide superior results to the crude whole cell therapy of the past. The low molecular weight peptides and growth factors [ 600 daltons or less] are absorbed through the oral mucosa.

Although bovine, ovine and porcine cell extracts are available, many years of experience have demonstrated that pigs, which are mammals, are the best donor animals for humans, which are also mammals, because they are vital, hardy animals and immunologically, their bodies are the closest match to the human body. Due to this fact, many heart valve transplants for humans are still derived from pigs. In addition, porcine cellular supplements are particularly compatible with the human body, and in the embryonic stage there is a very low degree of immunogenicity (rejection). Pigs are also not carriers of any known "slow virus diseases". Cattle can be carriers of "mad cow" while sheep have been afflicted with a similar disease called scrapie. However cattle and sheep embryos utilized for live cell therapy are obtained from closed herds that are carefully monitored.

Embryonic organ therapy, or EOT preparations are derived from specific embryonic organ cell tissues and are ideally suited to support anti-aging and health maintenance.

Many individual organ and tissue supplements are available in 3 or 5 ml bottles and also combination 7 ml bottles containing 3 to 9 organ supplements. Each extract is composed of cell ultrafiltrates, low molecular weight, sterile constituents, thus enhancing absorption both through the oral mucosa of the mouth and intestinal walls of the digestive system. They are for oral use and with the help of a trained professional, can often perform little miracles in supporting body structure and body function.

As these embryonic organ supplements are normally not recognized as a foreign substance by the host body, they seldom cause any type of allergic reaction, or rejection, by the patient. This is because they contain no large proteins capable of eliciting an allergic response, only low molecular weight peptides and growth factors. However, as a precaution, patients with an allergy to beef, pork, or lamb should choose an animal they are not allergic to.

According to Dr. Niehans, Father of Live Cell Therapy, when ingested into the human body, "like goes to like"; the embryonic peptides hone to the adult patient's corresponding organ, bone to bone, liver to liver, heart to heart, etc., where they begin to support the function of that specific target organ. Since mammalian tissues have similar surface proteins [ antigens] and receptor sites, the ingested embryonic peptides only fit onto the receptor sites for the specific organ or tissue from which they were derived. Once attached to a receptor site, they can stimulate and improve the function of the target organ. Animal embryonic organ supplements, which seem to be organ specific, are not species specific and are designed to "re-educate" human and animal organs, alike, to function at a more youthful level. There can be a gentle rejuvenation, or stimulation of a failing organ to continue to function. The organ itself, then, can retain its structure and function for an extended period of time.

In addition to body rebuilding, health maintenance, and anti-aging, EOS is designed to stimulate the structure and function of specific organ systems to help the general overall health of the body, or can be used with specific intent, such as to enhance immune function, memory and cognitive function, sexual function, specific organ function, endocrine function, or improve joint and bone health, just to name a few.

EOS is also designed to help structure and function concerning the remodeling of body musculature, sexual function, aerobic capacity, sports performance, fertility, senile ocular conditions, energy, vitality, skin elasticity and promote general healthy structure and function, as it gently helps to improve the structure and function of tissues derived from all three embryonic tissue groups; ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm that the entire new baby is developed from. EOS can be used to improve the health of patients in which hormonal therapies are contraindicated.

EOS products are manufactured according to the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures), meet the standards for both food and oral nutritional supplements, are supplied sterile in liquid and lyophilized form to preserve product integrity, are 100% pure and natural, and contain no preservatives.

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* Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Embryonic organotherapy should only be dispensed by and used under the supervision of a physician.