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Initial office consultation, 60-75 min, $600

Initial brief office consultation, 30-40 min, $375
Note: This consultation is ONLY for aesthetic concerns.
Hormonal, medical, and general rejuvenation patients MUST have the full initial office consult.

Followup office consultation, 30-40 min, $375
Followup phone consultation, 30-40 min, $375
Followup brief phone consultation, 15 min, $250

Diagnostic phone consultation, 60-75 min, $300*

House Call (special circumstances) $750 and up

* According to New York State law, initial consultations must be face-to-face in order to establish the doctor-patient relationship. Diagnostic phone consultations are for people who are unable to travel to the New York office. Advice regarding suggested diagnoses and therapies is given, but no tests are ordered or treatment prescribed, as there is no legal doctor-patient relationship established. Dr. Volpe will, however, suggest resources to help you locate a suitable practitioner in your area.

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