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Renaissance Drink is a delicious, high-tech nutritional supplement. Ten years of research in the field of bio-physics has resulted in the development of this advanced genetic and energy support drink. Renaissance Drink is produced from organic fruit juices, honey and a variety of teas. No chemical preservatives or artificial colouring agents are added. The drink is manufactured using a sophisticated solar extractions/distillation process requiring specific desert-like atmospheric conditions. First produced in New Mexico, Renaissance Drink is now produced in Canada in the warm and dry south Okanagan Valley.

All life is dependent upon energy production in the form of ATP and GTP molecules mainly through glycolysis in conjunction with the citric acid cycle (photosynthesis). These molecules are critical to the process of converting molecular energy into energy that our bodies can directly use, from the energy to run a race, to the energy to repair and rejuvenate the health of our individual cells. These energy yielding reactions are dependent upon normal enzymatic activity, therefore, all life is dependent upon properly formed and concentrated enzymes which in turn are dependent upon healthy DNA and RNA found within the nuclei of our cells.

By providing readily available ATP and GTP, it is possible to ensure optimum energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic growth, repair, and function. In the Nutritional Crystals contained within the Renaissance Drink, energy transduction, that is, the translation of energy into a form that our bodies can use, is carried on within the specially charged ATP and GTP, with the surrounding penta carbon sugars of the drink providing the four basic building blocks of life in a pure form. This drink then represents a highly stable concentrated energy reservoir of ATP molecules along with nourishment for the genes in the form of the five carbon sugars.

Sumer-Tech Drink is a highly concentrated totally natural product with some powerful optimum health properites. While we are not allowed to make health claims for this drink, many of our customers have remarked upon the ability of this drink to insulate one from the ravages of the cold and flu season, and to actively fight against such diseases. Others have remarked upon its noticeable anti-aging effect and its ability to alleviate problems associated with more serious diseases as well.

Fruit-Tea Bar is a fruit leather bar. Each bar contains 1/2 teaspoon of Nutritional Crystals micronized tea. This gives each bar the same amount of Nutritional Crystals as available in a daily does (ie. 3 teaspoons) of Renaissance Drink. These bars are a great substitute for the Renaissance Drink particulary when one is travelling and don't want to carry around a glass bottle Renaissance. Children love it too as a great snack. Flavours available are Grape, Tart Apple, and Apricot.

Rennaissance Chlorophyll is our most potent oral health supplement yet. This product contains concentrated forms of the active components of both the Renaissance Drink and the Sumer-Tech drink, plus powerful forms of A, B, and C chlorophyll grown in our solar reactors. The result is an extremely potent anti-oxidant, immune system booster, cell rejuvenator and optimum health conditioner. Daily maintenance dosage is 5 drops per day held under the tongue for two minutes before swallowing.

N.B. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not meant to replace regular medical care or to prevent, diagnose, treat nor cure any disease.